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13th annual meeting
16-18 May 2018

“Old sites and new functions:

Sharing our built heritage with the next generation”

The 13th EHHF Annual Meeting was held in Luxembourg by the Services des sites et Monuments nationaux, in collaboration with the EHHF Permanent Secretariat and the Troika members.


Opening Speech – Secretary of State Mr. Guy Arendt

List of Participants
The Heads’ Booklet

Brochure 2018


Eusebio Leal Spengler – Historian of the City of Habana:
“The restauration of Old-Habana and the Cuban Model”

Marie-Noël Neven – Director of the RED International Association 
“Rural heritage in the Grande Région (Wallonia, Lorraine, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Luxembourg)”

Sonja Vanblaere – Director General of the Flanders Heritage Agency
“Reconversion of industrial heritage, concrete examples (Flanders)”

Duncan Wilson – Chief Executive, Historic England 
“Reconversion of industrial heritage, concrete examples (England)”

Christine Vanhoutte – Policy Officer (Flanders Heritage Agency)
Former chair of the Task Force EHHF Task Force on Economics and Statistics
“Annual report 2017 and update on the ESPON Targeted Analysis”

Terje Nypan – Technical Dir., Directorate for Cultural Heritage of Norway “European Heritage Legal Forum (EHLF) – Annual report 2017”

Hughes Becquart – Policy Officer,
Directorate for Education and Culture, European Commission
“European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 – What is happening?” 

Piet Jaspaert – Vice-President of Europa Nostra
“Europa Nostra, update on latest activities”

Leonard de Wit – President of the European Archaeological Council (EAC) “EAC, Presentation and update on the latest activities”

Webber Ndoro – Director General of ICCROM
“Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property”


Executive summary EHHF 2018

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A little bit of history

A European Heritage Summit was first organized in London on 26–28 April 2006 by Dr. Simon Thurley, former Chief Executive Officer of English Heritage. The mission of the Summit was to gather for the first time the European cultural heritage leaders who had the opportunity to exchange their experience and initiate common actions. It was attended by 23 European states which agreed in the Final Statement to continue to meet annually as a forum of European heritage heads, known as the “European Heritage Heads Forum”. Future hosting countries are chosen by general agreement at the annual meeting.

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