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4th annual meeting
27-29 May 2009

“The Heritage Stimulus in a Time of Economic Recession”

The 4th EHHF Annual Meeting was jointly held in Vienna and Bratislava by the Austrian Federal Monuments Office and the Slovakian National Monuments Board.


Letter to the Members


Programme 2009



Tamas FEJERDY (Hungary)
“Budapest – new investors contra preservation”

Simon THURLEY (United Kingdom)
“Conservation areas at risk”

Gerd WEISS (Germany)
“Shutting down of catholic and protestant churches in Germany”

Donovan RYPKEMA, President of Heritage Strategies International
“The Role of Heritage Conservation in a Sustainable Economy”

Ben de VRIES (The Netherlands)
“Reuse of religious buildings in the Netherlands”

Terje NYPAN, Riksantikvaren (Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage)
“The Norwegian crisis package and cultural heritage – the what, why and how”

Cees van’t VEEN (The Netherlands)
“Heritage in our hands”

Nils MARSTEIN (Norway)
“EEA Grants”

Bruno FAVEL (France)
“European Heritage Label & HEREIN”

Piet JASPAERT, Board member of Europa Nostra
“European Heritage Days”

Terje NYPAN (Norway)
“European Heritage Legal Forum (EHLF) – update”

Wilfried LIPP (Austria)
“A short story of preservation in the Austrian context”

Isabelle MARECHAL (France)
“Structure and organisation in France”

Johann MURNER (Switzerland)
“Structure and organisation in Switzerland”

Inger LILIEQUIST (Sweden)
“Structure and organisation in Sweden”

Katarína KOSOVA (Slovakia)
“Care of monuments in Slovakia after political turning points (1948-2000)”

Andreas LEHNE (Austria)
“Care of monuments in Austria (1945-2000)”


EHHF Statement on the Heritage Stimulus in a time of Economic Recession


Final Statement 2009

Due to the size of the Pdfs, some files had to be compressed to be displayed on the website.
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A little bit of history

A European Heritage Summit was first organized in London on 26–28 April 2006 by Dr. Simon Thurley, former Chief Executive Officer of English Heritage. The mission of the Summit was to gather for the first time the European cultural heritage leaders who had the opportunity to exchange their experience and initiate common actions. It was attended by 23 European states which agreed in the Final Statement to continue to meet annually as a forum of European heritage heads, known as the “European Heritage Heads Forum”. Future hosting countries are chosen by general agreement at the annual meeting.

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